Friday, July 5, 2013

How to Lose Weight with the BodyMedia LINK Armband

Many of you know that I've been on a weight loss journey for some time now. I lost about 25 pounds and then when we moved back to Georgia I gained it back. I had started to workout again and started changing my eating habits again then my sister passed away. It's been downhill, or should I say uphill, ever since. I'm now at my highest ever and feel like crud most of the time.

Last month I bought a Body Media LINK Armband. I chose to buy it from Amazon because not only was the band cheaper but I get free shipping since I have Amazon Prime and it is a qualifying product. I've been wanting one of these since I first saw the contestants on The Biggest Loser using them. I bought it because I hope that it will help keep me accountable so I can drop some pounds and get healthy again.

Like anything, you have to use it the right way in order for it to actually help you lose weight. It's not a magic pill and the weight isn't just going to fall off.

Wear It

 It won't do you any good if you leave it sitting on your bathroom counter or laying on your nightstand. This thing is awesome. It tracks your sleep. Sleep is important for overall health and for weight loss. It tracks how many calories you burn while you're wearing it. I was starting to feel guilty for going over everyday in my calorie consumption so I stopped wearing it for a little while. I just started wearing it again though.... I'm committed this time.

Monitor your Food Intake

You won't lose any weight if you are consuming more than you burn in a day. This thing is awesome. It interfaces with many popular food/exercise trackers so you can log your meals into whatever program you are already using and it will update it on their site. I highly recommend MyFitnessPal or Spark People. I've used both of these and they are stellar programs. I currently prefer MyFitnessPal. The more you monitor the healthier your choices will likely be. Knowing that a # 1 meal from Chick-fil-A has over 900 calories makes me not want to get that meal anymore. It isn't a perfect system and sometimes I still get that meal but at least I'm fully aware of what I'm doing now.

Get Moving

This thing is awesome. Are you seeing a theme yet? The program has a section where you can set a goal for how many steps you want to take in a day and it monitors it for you. My goal is 10,000 a day. I've only made it to my goal steps 3 times. That's a whole lotta steps, you have no idea just how many until you start trying to get it in. I have started parking further away at the store and I even circled the lot one day after exiting a store before going to my car just so I could get some more steps in. The only bad thing about this is that it doesn't measure very accurate if you are holding onto something with your hands. Like I mowed my lawn and it only registered about 50 steps while I was holding the lawn mower handle. It doesn't just monitor your steps. It measures the MET's you expend while you do anything. So the more vigorous your workout, the more calories it shows you burn. This thing is more accurate than a heart rate monitor.

LINK it!

It's called a LINK for a reason. This thing is so awesome that it has bluetooth and will connect with a program you can install for free on your SmartPhone. I have it on my Galaxy SIII and it's fabulous! It lets me keep track of my stats on the go without having to log into a computer. This also lets you upload your data with the phone app without having to connect your armband to the computer. To me, it keeps me a little more accountable.

Now you may be wondering if I've actually lost any weight while wearing this thing. Yes I have. During the first week I lost almost 5 pounds. Then I stopped eating right again and then I stopped wearing it. But I'm back at it again. I will never stop improving and striving for a more healthy lifestyle and neither should you! I personally think the armband is awesome. I'm a Type A and I love to see the stats and the charts/graphs. It helps hold me accountable so that I stay on track better.