Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scary medicine for what ails you

My heart is so heavy tonight. I happened upon an image on Facebook that talked about foods that produce mucus and foods that prevent it and it got me thinking about the foods we consume and how some of them are so very dangerous for us but yet we eat it anyway.

Before we moved from Alaska back in April 2012, I was on the path to some really good health! I was eating well, working out like I should, and getting back to a healthy weight. The weight wasn't melting off me like in some TV show but I was okay with that because my goal had become less about losing the weight than being healthy. I figured if I just kept it up then eventually I would be at a healthy weight. Then we moved. UGH! I let the week long drive then the staying with my parents for over a month then the move into the new house then the turmoil with finances and everything else you can think of derail me further. I got back into old habits of eating horrible food and not working out. Oh I keep attempting to get back there but I'm finding it oh so difficult.

Well who am I to lecture anyone, especially my family, on the detriments of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise and scary medicines? I'm nobody. I'm not living my words out so why would anyone listen?

So why is my heart so heavy tonight? I was thinking about someone very close to me that has a horrible condition that I believe homeopathic or naturopathic medicine will be more beneficial for than traditional medicine but I don't think they will listen to me. It scares me how much faith we as a nation put into traditional medicine with their scary drugs that cause horrible side effects. I mean really, doesn't it make more sense to find out if natural medicine can help before you put those scary drugs in your mouth, drugs that will destroy your immune system and make you susceptible to a host of new illnesses?

Why can people not really see how detrimental our diets are? Sugar and processed crap! Why can people not form the associations in their minds that diseases are on the rise so significantly in the last decade because of our gotta have it now, overworked, no time for taking care of ourselves mindset? When did the opinions of doctors become the end all be all in our lives and why oh why do we just have to have a magic pill for every condition out there. When will people stop accepting the fact that for modern medicine the status quo is on treating the symptoms not on finding the cause?

I'm changing, with God's help, once and for all. I want the change in my health to be a testimony to everyone else that you are what you eat!