Friday, January 4, 2013

Health and Fitness in the New Year

A new year comes with new goals, or at least rethinking of old goals. In reality I try to set smaller goals throughout the year and adjust them as they need to be adjusted. Last year I failed miserably at what was really my only goal. I wanted to lose the extra pounds I've been carrying around for so many years now. 

I was doing great! I was working out everyday, eating GREAT, and even working with a trainer. Then we moved cross country courtesy of the Army and everything went downhill. I gained back 20 of the 25 pounds I lost and my health started to deteriorate again. So I'm starting anew. What better time to get back into things than they new year right!?

So far, yes I know I just started on the 2nd so this is only the third day, I've cut out soda and sweets, added a lot of healthy foods back in, and started working on my fitness again. I really thought giving up soda was going to be the most challenging part but I really haven't even craved any soda or anything sweet for that matter. 

What's the hardest part? Adding fitness back in. Once I get started it will be fine. I really do like exercising. Getting started is so hard though. Yesterday was day ONE. My husband and I headed to the gym after he got off work and performed a baseline fitness test. We will retest in a month to see how much we have improved in that time frame. 

Our workout consisted of three rounds for time. 

Round 1:

Row 500 meters
21 Squats
21 Push-ups (Crossfit style)
5 Burpees

Round 2:

Row 500 meters
15 Squats
15 Push-ups
5 Burpees

Round 3: 

Row 500 meters
9 Squats 
9 Push-ups
5 Burpees

Tim did wonderful (at least I think he did pretty wonderful). He's been on limited duty for a while because of an issue with his neck and only just recently returned to full physical activity. He's been back at PT for a few weeks now so he's not quite as out of shape as I am. I on the other hand, kind of sucked. I will say that I did a little better than I thought I would ;) I figured it would take me 30 minutes but I actually finished in 27:24. Tim finished in 16:10.

I'll be sure to post our results the next time we do the fit test so you can see how far we've come! 

I sure am freaking sore though! Lord give me the strength to get out there and move through the soreness today please! 

What's your fitness/eating/health related goal for the new year?