Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of the happiest days of my life.

I can't believe it! Five years ago today I was admitted to the hospital for "observation". Breanna seemed to be having some issues and they wanted to monitor her and be ready to take her if needed. I can't even describe the flood of emotions that rushed through me when my doctor told me to head over to the hospital, they were expecting me. She was early, by five weeks, and I KNEW this was going to be it. I could barely contain my tears as we left the office. It felt as if I had let her down.

Before the nurse could even start the IV they came in and said they were moving me to a L&D suite cause this was it. They were going to induce. The doctor had a chance to actually look at the latest ultrasound (she sent me over for observation based on the ultrasound tech's suggestion). Seems Breanna was doing a little worse off than she originally thought. I get in the L&D suite and I'm given the gel that's supposed to start the process, given my IV, and hooked up to a monitor.

It was the season premiere of Survivor and I was ticked cause I was having to watch it from a hospital bed. My doctor was monitoring my condition on her computer at home while watching survivor :(.... Then the nurse comes back in and says she called and they need to get my signatures and get me prepped for surgery. Breanna's heart rate kept dropping with every little contraction and she needed to come out now.

So, I didn't even get to watch Survivor. My doctor was/is/and always will be WONDERFUL! I LOVE HER with all my heart and she will forever remain my favorite. I also love our ultrasound tech. She saw me and my family many, many times over the course of my pregnancy because it was complicated. I love our nurse, she was wonderful as well! The whole staff was actually really great!!! I NEVER once had a complaint with any of them!!! So, if you are ever in the Savannah area and you are in need of a OB/GYN you simply must go to OB/GYN Associates of Savannah, Elizabeth McIntosh. I'm really NOT kidding! I love them so much that I am going to see if they have any appointments available when we go home for our visit to do a gender determination ultrasound on Tasha.

Ok, back to the story. Dr. McIntosh held my hands while they did the spinal block on me and then got me situated and started the surgery. She and her assistant talked about Survivor while they did the surgery :), much to my chagrin... I was not too happy that she got to see it and I did not. lol

Everything went well. Breanna was taken to the NICU where she spent the next three weeks. She was healthy but she had a hard time eating at first. It took her awhile to eat as much as they wanted her to and to gain the weight she needed. She had a feeding tube through her nose for the first two weeks. They hospital was wonderful (except for one nurse) and although they had to boost my breast milk with a little extra calories they always used my expressed milk for her feedings.

It turns out that we were very close to losing her that day and I thank God for giving Dr. McIntosh the ability, foresight, whatever you want to call it, cause her actions saved my little girl!

Oh and it should also be noted that I missed a concert as well! My mom got me tickets to see Gretchen Wilson and well, you can't really go to a concert just a day after you deliver a baby by C-section. Tasha got to go with my mom in my place :). 

Happy Birthday Breanna! You are and forever will be my little princess, no matter what you make me miss!