Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 16th Anniversary to Me!!!

I am truly blessed to be married to the perfect man for me! I give him a hard time most every day of the week but he is my one and only love on this earth! I was sitting and admiring him the other day from afar and couldn't help but think of my luck. How many women can say that after 16 years of marriage, a couple of children later, and 100 extra pounds that their husbands still find them just as desirable as the day they married? Tim is so affirming to me! Even though I am carrying quite a bit of extra weight he has never once made me feel self conscious about it and to me that is HUGE!

Is my husband perfect? NOOOO and I'm so glad he's not :) He doesn't expect perfection out of me either. He doesn't complain when he comes home and the house is messy. He has never expected me to have dinner ready at a certain time. He may have his shortfalls but he is PERFECT for ME!

Sometimes it's very difficult to see how God gave me the perfect man... when he's spent hours on the computer, or when he makes me repeat myself a thousand times and still can't remember what I told him, or when he just flat out tunes me out (just to give a few examples, lol) it gets mighty hard to remember that we are perfect for each other. Then he does something wonderful and all is right with the world again and God shows me that He gave me Tim as a wonderful compliment to my personality. I just hope that I am just as wonderful a compliment to him!

Happy 16th Anniversary Tim!!! I love you more today than I ever dreamed was possible when we first got married.