Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crisis of Teens

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What to write today? My life has been absorbed dealing with teenage drama/trauma/disobedience. Thirteen... that's a rough time. Not a child but  no where close to grown up yet you live in a society that pushes adulthood on your innocent not ready for it brain and body. We've had to take a hard line with this one. All trust has been lost and as a result all privileges have been striped away. This one is going to have to learn the hard way that you have to have a set of values and integrity if you are to make it in this world. She is still so innocent and I refuse to allow that innocence to be stripped away from her because of the values of the world!

I want to start doing a Bible study with her. I think it will help her immensely but I'm at a loss. There are so many studies out there. Anyone have any ideas? Things that she really needs help on are building character and what true friendship means. All her friends are just sucky! They are friends one second and it seems like the very next second they hate each other. It was NOT like this when I was in school but it seems to be all of the kids now days. Backstabbing is HUGE. Mean Girls is played out in every school and I think my daughter is on the fast track to being that girl.

So, Bible study ideas??? Please :)