Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Little Witch

I don't know about your home but in mine things are going a little crazy right now. My oldest is unmarried, jobless, and pregnant. My middle girl is having her own issues as she learns to navigate the world of teendom, and my little one (not quite five mind you) has decided that she is no longer going to be my little princess, she's now my little witch. The last was screamed at me from her time out spot as she is acting like a fool pulling at her princess dress.

Yep.... crazy has hit my  house! So much so that I couldn't seem to stop laughing when my youngest uttered those words to me today... yesterday... uh I can't even remember what day that happened now. Barb? Do  you remember when I called you laughing hysterically to add a good laugh to your day?

On a different note, today I came across this while going through the basement and finding a book that I had meant to do a long time ago and forgot. As I was thumbing through the first part this really stuck out to me and I shared it with Taba, my middle one.

See that no one repays another with evil for evil, but always seek after that which is good for another ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:15

We had a small conversation about that verse and how it applies to some of the stuff going on in her life at the moment. Specifically how the kids now days seems to be all about getting back at someone for something. They stir up drama, lie, cheat, and steal and then after they've done all that someone does it back to them and then they feel they must get revenge. It's a viscous cycle and I truly wish that parents would take more responsibility for their children upbringing. They aren't learning values in school and they aren't learning it at  home, they are learning them through their peers and this isn't the right kind of values!

You might be wondering what book (besides the Bible) that came out of... The Love Dare. I purchased this when he was last deployed and never even read it. So, I'm going to start tomorrow. I would have did it today but it would have been pointless to do day one which calls for patience when he has CQ... lol  I have no worries about announcing on here that I'm doing it because he never reads my blog :((