Monday, January 31, 2011

Food, Inc.

I gotta tell you that I watched this movie, Food, Inc., because a good friend said something about it and I am just disgusted with our government!!!! HELLO.... FDA & USDA.... You are there to protect the people, not the stupid food industry. My feathers are ruffled and you all know that means I have to take action :). Not sure how I can best be of benefit but I will do something. I have a mouth and I will use it!

All I'm gonna say right now is that if you haven't seen this movie you simply must watch it! If you have Netflix then you can actually watch it by streaming it on your computer or other Netflix enabled device such as the Wii.

I knew some of this stuff already just from the research I did last year for a speech I gave on obesity but this is just HUGE!

FINALLY got the husband on board!! YAY.... We make changes starting today with our trip to the grocery store. Should be interesting since I know NOTHING about organic.