Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Be Unreasonalbe

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
~George Bernard Shaw
Today I went on a mission to find a favorite quote. Jillian Michaels is hosting a giveaway on Twitter for her new game and I just REALLY want to win that game. Well, I did when I first started looking for a cool quote that I love, but I decided to just go out and buy the game. So, if I win it I'll give it away as a gift I suppose, pass the blessing on to someone else. 

While I'm talking about buying the game I have to tell you that my lovely daughter paid for half of it as my "early" Christmas gift! Just today she received a phone call from an organization here on base that she won a door prize drawing from a Halloween event she went to. Her prize was a movie ticket and a $20 gift card to Gamestop. She very generously told me that I could use her gift card for my game.

Back to the topic at hand... The quote! I really don't keep a list of quotes that I like and I rarely remember them when I do see ones that I like, that's why I had to go find one. I saw lots of really great quotes for really great people but this one really struck a cord with me the moment I saw it. I just can't get over how very profound it is and how it seems to just fit me! 

I guess I'm the unreasonable woman because I try and try to adapt the world to me. This obviously backfires quite often as the world does not like to adapt but it really is a necessary thing in order to have any change. How many of you are the reasonable person who doesn't like to rock the boat, just keeping quiet and accepting what everyone tells you as fact? 
Why is it that some change, like the changes our country has gone through in the last couple of decades been so easy yet so bad for us but change to improve our quality of life and be healthier so difficult?

It starts with the person.... Getting unhealthy was easy, getting healthy isn't so easy! I am going to focus my "activist" personality on my own body, mind, and spirit and continue with a newly renewed conviction to be a model of change in my family, friendships, and community. 
Oh and just a side here... why is it that two of my friends have seen the BL contestant from Alaska in the last couple of weeks but I haven't! Talk about being a force for change! From what they say, he's lost a LOT of weight! I was really hoping he would have made it on to the show. 

Who's going to be unreasonable with me?!?