Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day Back at School

We started school today and I have to admit I lost my cool a couple of times with Tabitha. It's just cause she wasn't paying attention, rushing through, and making simple mistakes that could  have been avoided. I had asked her to stop and tell me if she didn't understand or remember something and she ignored those instructions. Ugh!! If she just would have stopped and asked me to remind her it would have been a lot better for her.

On a positive note, aside from that she did really well on her first day back in the books... err, computer. Oh and her writing has improved sooo much! I was really quite impressed that I could actually read it. I was worried for a while about her handwriting because when I was her age mine was so much neater but a couple of things dawned on me. First is that she is part her Daddy and he has some pretty rotten handwriting. Second is that I saw some other kids handwriting that are her age and theirs isn't anything to write home about either. So, I'm not going to stress about it. As long as it's neat enough to read, has correct punctuation, spelling, grammar, and is spaced correctly.... it's all good!

I started some simple stuff with Breanna as well. Just some preschool stuff, kindergarten readiness... pre-reading and writing. She actually amazed me and I just had to take a moment and marvel at her. We were doing some simple shape tracing (trace the dotted line) and she was doing very well. She moved on to the next line and says to me, "I can do this one the way I want to cause there's no arrow." I was like what is she talking about. I looked back up to the previous line and there was an arrow showing her which way to move her crayon. I didn't even see it or give her instructions about which direction to start in (she pretty much already knows that). It just blew me away that she observed that small arrow!

My kids always amaze me and I have to be the luckiest Mom in the world!