Thursday, July 1, 2010

Demonic Influence

Do you believe in spirits? What about not so good spirits? Do you believe that spirits can attach themselves to you? Well I do believe there are spirits and I do believe that are bad spirits and I believe they can and do attach themselves to you if there is an opening and attempt to influence you.

I've struggled with an unforgiving spirit within myself for years. I finally let that go a few weeks ago and did something tangible to actually show the other party that I had finally forgiven them. What starts happening after I did that? You got it.... thoughts came to my mind, totally out of the blue with no provocation what-so-ever.

I know that I'm saved and I know that some people believe that when you get saved  you have a total transformation. That does happen for some people and I think that is great, but I don't think that happens for everyone. I believe that even when we get saved that we continue to carry our baggage around with us until we are really ready to let it go. I have strongholds in my life. I've known about them for a long time and even though I am saved I couldn't seem to let them go. I am slowly making progress in releasing my strongholds but it's hard. I have control issues and honestly, asking Jesus into my heart was the hardest thing I've ever done before and I have fought tooth and nail ever since that day, struggling for my control even though I know that he knows best.

Back to the spirits.... I believe that I have spirits attached to me that are exerting influence over my thoughts. It's still my choice to allow the influence but many times I don't even realize it and when I do realize it the damage has already been done.

I know what has to happen in order to move past this but I'm really not sure that I have the strength to do it. I have to take an honest accounting of my life and find the areas that have provided openings (there are many). I feel I have to do it all at once because I need to clear all the current holes in my armour. Spiritual warfare isn't for the fainthearted that's for sure. This is going to take a lot of prayer!