Friday, July 2, 2010

A Childlike Acceptance

Last night I started another new bed time routine with Breanna. Now, I know that I should have been doing this all along but I'm beyond making myself feel guilty for my past mistakes. I introduced her to prayer. We said a very simple, "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer and I guided her through her blessings and of course being a four year old she had to throw in some cartoon characters. After we said the prayer I explained that praying is like talking to God/Jesus and that they enjoy us talking to them. I told her that she could talk to Him whenever she wanted to. Whenever she is afraid, nervous, happy, sad, or any other reason she can think of.

Well, tonight I had a very taxing day with her and to be quite honest I just wanted her to go to bed. It looked like she was going to do it without me laying with her for a few minutes because she climbed in my lap on the couch for her lullaby then off she went to bed. Five minutes later she was back. ::sigh:: What did she want now? She very quietly asked if we were going to talk to Jesus. Awww... Of course we are and off we went!

Breanna has been going to church since she was a baby off and on. There was a year when we first got here that she didn't go but before we moved up here we were pretty regular attendees, three services a week. She was still very young then, only two years old so I don't know exactly what she learned in the nursery. Up here I don't think our church does a lot of teaching about Jesus or anything else. She was in the toddler class for a long time and I know they just played. She's only been to the preschool class a handful of times and honestly, I don't talk about my faith in front of and with the kids like I should. So, where does the excitement about Jesus come from?

Children amaze me with their total unquestioning acceptance of God. They don't accept much else without question but they seem to know that He is safe and that He loves them. I can only hope and pray that as she grows she will continue to really understand that small fact. Her life will be so much easier.

If only we all could so easily have a childlike acceptance and excitement.