Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It's sometimes hard to describe my feelings, especially when it comes to the Army. Yesterday the girls and I had the opportunity to go see my husband in the field. They are out there for 10 days or something close to it anyway and Fathers Day was smack dab in the middle!

Now, I knew about the date for a couple of months before hand but it wasn't until last month when I started looking to June's calendar to figure out what was happening when that I actually put two and two together and figured out that Father's Day was going to happen while they were in the field.

I was LIVID! He missed it in 2008 because he was sitting at school waiting on our command sponsorship to come through. He missed it in 2009 because he was off fighting a war in Iraq. He was gonna miss it this year because he was playing Army (as I like to call the field training) and he will probably miss it next year! So, that's 4 years in a row that he's not going to spend Father's Day with his children.

After a little while I eventually calmed down and decided that just because the rest of the world will be celebrating Father's Day on Sunday June 20, 2010 doesn't mean we have to. That is just a day that was decided to recognize fathers, we can celebrate Tim any day of the year.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the families were being invited to come spend a couple of hours in the field with their loved one! I am so upset with myself because I forgot my camera but I did manage to get one picture with my cell phone.

Breanna and Tim sitting on the floor of the tent :)

Tasha was sick so I made her stay home and it's a good thing too because one of the ladies had car trouble and it just so happened that there were three of them (her and two children) and I had three extra seats in my van! I certainly felt the Lords hand in that, especially since Tasha was feeling better a couple hours later after she got some more rest.

It was a WILD ride, partly paved but partly dirt road. Did I mention it was rainy and foggy? Oh and there were lots of hills too. As a matter of fact going up the last little hill my van didn't want to GO and I thought for sure that we were gonna get stuck but it kept on pulling up and we eventually made it safe and sound. I'm not certain but I don't think there was any other incidents with any other cars.

We Army Wives are a strong resilient bunch who can conquer missed holidays, broken down cars, and muddy dirt roads. All while building friendships with new people, just to see our loved ones for an hour or two!

I'm always a little in awe of my husband when I see him in his element. Even though he wasn't working, it just makes me so proud of him. I don't often visit him at work, even though I could as he works in an office (sort of). In previous civilian occupations he worked where I could not visit, a prison so I never got into a habit of going to see him while he is at work. I actually feel a little out of place when I do go up there, like I'm intruding in some secret club.

I am so very thankful for the generosity of my husbands Battalion in inviting the families out there and setting this all up so that our family could spend a little while with our husband/father. It is actions like this that build a sense of pride towards the unit and a feeling of belonging.

Now THAT is what I call building morale with the soldiers and families.