Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

Today was pretty eventful in our home. First I received a comment from my mom on my last blog post. I was at a red light and decided to look at my email and there it was. Made me cry sitting there at the light (good kind of cry) but Tasha and her boyfriend were in the van too so I had to explain why I was suddenly crying.

I have always had a pretty rocky relationship with my Mom. We just rub each other the wrong way. I know that she loves me very much but we have a quarrelsome relationship. We are very quick to vocalize our anger and disappointments towards each other but very slow to show our love. So, to read those words from her was very special for me. I will always treasure them Mom! Thank you.

This evening our power went out AGAIN! This is like the third or fourth time in the past couple of months and it's getting pretty old. I wanted to sit on the computer for a while this evening and then watch some TV with the family. Since the power was out and there was nothing to do, Tasha and I decided to rearrange the living room. As you can imagine Tim was not too keen on the idea because he just knew he'd get sucked into doing something, and he did.

Here's where my blessing comes in....

Breanna decided that she wanted to play tag. Tim had just finished hanging some cable and Breanna ran up behind him, hit his rear and said "tag, you're it". ha ha! He looked over at me and then took off running. He hid from her for a second and then when she was least expecting it he snuck up behind her and tapped her and then took off running. THEN the dog, Trixie, had to get in on it too. She started chasing Tim around growling and barking at him as she's going. It was CRAZY and I loved every second of it. I wish things like that happened more often but then I wouldn't appreciate them as much as I do now.

I'm certainly learning some important lessons and I think it's just because I'm opening my eyes to learn. I know He's been trying to show me for a long time now but I wouldn't listen. First, by following His lead and putting this blog up I allowed an avenue for my Mom to share her love for me. Second, even though I hate being without power and automatically got upset that it ruined my plans I was given the blessing of watching a Father play with his daughter. Yes, today was a good day indeed.